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Daniell Hudson is a designer and metalsmith based out of Brooklyn. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Daniell has been making jewelry, accessories and homeware in the northeast for over five years.

Daniell is heavily influenced by her former education in archaeology, exploring the imprint of human society over time through the spaces and objects left behind. In her work she examines her own place in time, her relationship to her surroundings, and how the object she creates as a part of herself connects to the world, the environment, and the passage of time in which they will all inevitably change.

The two main collections of the artist are DNL and Bass:Brim. Items from DNL are more geometric, drawn from the visual landscape of her surroundings in New York, whereas Bass:Brim draws from sentimental objects and memories of the artist’s childhood in Tennessee and in Israel.

All work is uniquely designed and handcrafted by Daniell in her studio space at Brooklyn Metal Works. All materials and resources are purchased from and based in the New York area.

Daniell strongly values the importance of ethically sourced and manufactured goods:

“My goal is to offer quality handmade products made with love and care. From former work experience, I am all too aware of the mass overseas production of extremely low cost items made by unchecked factories. Now that I’ve created my own collection of handcrafted jewelry, I aim to offer items that are ethically sourced to the best of my knowledge, using materials and processes that are as least disruptive to the environment as possible, and to run a business that promotes better treatment and pay of those who produce the product.

Therefore I make sure my work is crafted with care and made with quality material, and I hope in so doing will compel the consumer to buy more ethically crafted goods not just from me but from my peers who make special effort to better themselves, those around them, and their environment.”